“Fan Tan Alley”

Oil 20″ X 16″         23 June 2023


“Before the Show” Oil 20 x 24


“James Bay Cafe”

Oil 16″ X 20″

This is a lovely little shop in James Bay with coffee and goodies on one side and books and antiques in the seating area in the next room

“Talking To Austin”

Oil 11″ X 14″

This is my friend and first band teacher, Rick Underwood talking to Austin Scott as the Greater Victoria Concert Band is preparing for a concert. This portrait of Rick was gifted to him.


Oil 11″ X 14″

My daughter and I were selling antiques at an outdoor market one Sunday and she held her parasol in such a nice position, I just had to paint it!

“The Banjo Maker”

Oil 16″ X 20″

I came across this wonderful scene at a sunny Sunday farmers market on Saltspring island.

“Sugar and Spice”

Oil 16″ X 20″

This is my sweet daughter when she was a little girl and we took her to Mom’s Cafe in Sooke. Before this we were in a toy shop so maybe that is a clue to why she is less than happy!



The Greater Victoria Concert Band at Alix Goolden Hall

Oil 15″ X 30″

Here are 3 paintings (each is oil 15″ X 30″) from my one and only solo art show in 2020. The gallery was permanently closed halfway through my 2 weeks because of Covid. I did manage to sell a few paintings and was featured on CBC radio which was a first for me, so it was a great experience all around

Solo Art Show