From the age of 13 in grade seven to my University years, I played the trombone in various bands and orchestras. At the time I was sure I’d grow into such a big instrument but as luck would have it, I didn’t! I am shorter than average with short arms and short fingers which makes playing many instruments a challenge!¬† Here are a few instruments I play for my own pleasure at home.

This is a pocket trumpet. the tubing is the same length as a proper trumpet but compact and the sound is just the same
I indentify strongly with my Irish heritage and I have collected various tin whistles over the years. The copper one in the middle is handmade from a copper pipe on Gabriola Island
My Guitalele- even a 3/4 size guitar fees too big for me so this is perfect! it is the size of a ukulele but has 6 strings. My daughter drew the design on the wood
Now, my very favourite instrument of all is my theremin! It is an electronic instrument invented in the 1920s and you don't touch it while you play. The playing field can be adjusted to any body size, tall or short and the length of my shorter fingers makes no difference to playing!
This is the part of the theremin that I see and can control while playing

This is me playing about a month after I got my first theremin (I have 2). This is a bit of O Holy Night